What is the process to install a shelter?

Our process is very simple and designed to be as simple for you as possible. There are 3 primary phases:

Installation Process

We will first schedule a no obligation, complimentary consultation with you.  Once we meet, we will evaluate your property to ensure we can install the shelter in the location you desire.  We provide input, if requested, as to possible locations and the respective advantages and disadvantages.  We will also at this time provide a firm quote for the installation.  If you desire to proceed, we will provide a written contract, and we ask for a $250 deposit to schedule the installation.
Once there is a signed contract, we will contact Texas 811 to have any utility companies in the area notified to mark their utilities on your property. Please note this will NOT mark: your water line, sprinkler system, septic system, or any private electric or gas lines on the property.
On the day of installation, we will arrive on site between 9:30-10:00 AM. Once on site, we will verify the precise location where you desire the shelter to be installed. We will then proceed with excavating the hole for the shelter. Once the manufacturer's truck arrives, we will work to get it installed in the ground. We will then backfill the shelter in the manner you have specified. Once the installation is completed, we will collect the final payment from you. Should a storm arise that afternoon, your shelter is fully functional and ready to use.

Additional Notes

The quality of the final grade when we finish will depend on the soil conditions. We do our best to compact the soil around your shelter to prevent future settlement as much as possible, but soil conditions and the location of the shelter can impact our ability to compact the soil.