Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Questions

We generally stay within a 50 mile radius from Sulphur Springs, but will go a little farther to the north and west. We do not work outside of the State of Texas. See the map below for an approximate edge of our service area:

Installation Area

You have two primary concerns in locating your shelter.

  1. Where can I get into it fastest. Even today, with all the advances in technology, we still have times where there are only a few seconds to get into your shelter. The closer the better!.
  2. Where will it look best? Right outside of your front door may be fastest, but is probably asthetically terrible. You have to try to balance these two factors.

We will install your shelter anywhere that we can physically get to, but these are our recommendations as to where to locate it. We also typically recommend orienting the door in the general direction you will be coming from.

All of our quoted prices are Cash or Check. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal, but have to add 3% more for the processing fees.

We don’t offer in house financing, however we recommend LightStream to obtain a home improvement loan.

We are willing to work with most any rebate program. We have experience with the Choctaw Nation, as well as the NTCOG (North Texas Council Of Government) programs, but are happy to work with any program you may involved with.

Product / Shelter Facts

Pre-Cast self-healing concreteSelf Healing Concrete contains a chemical that activates in the presence of water and seals any minor cracks that develop over time, with steel reinforcing, and a steel door and steps. The concrete is 6,000 PSI (Typical residential concrete is 3,000 – 3,500 PSI)

FEMA / ICC500 Standard